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ChinWag Services

  • Messaging

    ChinWag is an XMPP-based messaging service, which means we fully interoperate with hundreds of other services around the world. Your friends may already be waiting for you.

  • Networking

    ChinWag hosts a Mastodon instance, and is part of a huge decentralised social network. Share and communicate with thousands of people around the world, from your browser or a selection of mobile apps.

  • Images

    ChinWag provides a free image hosting service. Share pictures with the world via ChinWag services or any other social site. Got something to show someone? We'll help!

  • Discussion

    Our discussion forum is the ideal place if you need to have a persistent conversation over a long period. Jump in and out over years, if need be. If you don't know who you need to talk to, try here!

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Recent Posts

  • Three Years of Chinwag!

    It’s been three whole years since the final part of the “How to set up a public XMPP server” series of articles that Chinwag was the example for was published, and it went live.

    By ChinWag | May 13, 2018

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  • Chinwag in 2018

    Happy New Year, for a start! Hope you’re having a good one so far! In a couple of months, it’ll be three years since Chinwag went live. It started out as a tutorial on how to set up your own XMPP server, and I nearly shut it down at the end of writing that. Instead, […]

    By ChinWag | January 8, 2018

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  • Chinwag Social

    The initial version of our local user guide for Chinwag Social, our Mastodon instance, is now live. Getting Social You can sign up at – please let us know if there is anything else you’d like covered in the guide.

    By ChinWag | December 22, 2017

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  • Getting Strict

    From this week, we will be getting very strict about the standards of services we federate with. Invalid or expired certificates will no longer be accepted and support for some older encryption standards will be dropped.

    By ChinWag | November 26, 2017

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